Merck Film with Animations


Project: Merck Drug Manufacturing
Clients: EMIR/Merck Serono
Location: Abu Dhabi/Dubai, UAE
Deliverables: Online and presentational video

EMIR Business Intelligence commissioned media971 to mark the opening of the first manufacturing plant in the Middle East by their client, the pharma giant Merck (then Merck Serono), in combination with a local partner.

We commissioned sophisticated animated graphics from our partners, including a lifelike falcon – the national bird of the UAE. This opened and closed the film, tying its narrative to Vision 2021, which plans for a dramatic growth in the UAE’s knowledge industries.

We also peppered the film with on-screen text, reinforcing key messages. The text was designed to follow the movement within the video.

Combined with interviews with Merck’s regional head and senior members of the UAE government, the film provided a suitable celebration of Merck’s manufacturing milestone.